Tests and Reviews

In Serbian

1) “Applause for Pointe!,” Pointe SE288, Hi-Files

“The Pointe amplifier easily lends itself to be directly compared with the Audio Research VSi60. The Pointe does what it has to do with a joy de vivre and the necessary emotional charge – this is what the fans of tube amplifiers enjoy the most. The midrange and the treble are wonderfully well-defined, precise, and feature some magic that draws in the listener into the musical cooking.”

In Hungarian

1) “The Victory of the Minimal,” Pointe Sima 20, Audiolife

“The Sima 20 can capture the attention of the listener, and this musicality is its most outstanding feature, paired with an intimate, yet dynamic sound – probably a Pointe earmark, as we experienced something similar when we reviewed the [Analogia Mk IV] phono preamp.”

2) “Sitting at the Fireplace,” Pointe Sima 20, Hangzásvilág

“This amp has a lot of airiness in its sound, the soundstage is wide and does present quite some information about its depth too. […] The wind instruments are truly outstanding, especially the woodwinds, with some ethereal airiness in the sound of the flute. […] All the details are still there, even at moderate volumes.”

3) “Point to Pointe,” Pointe Analogia Mk 4, Audiolife

“It is easy to appreciate the Analogia with its articulate and happy sound. Its main feature is the natural sound with the full spectrum of sonic details.”

4) “Streamline – Do We Need a Special Power Cable At All?” Pointe Power Cord v3.0 (AMP), Audiolife

“It was the power amplifier where this cable’s finesse and details shone through the most – the most important characteristics I liked about this cable. I enjoyed its organized and credible sound. Another good pointe that it made the sound more articulate without slowing it down, or sounding ‘hifi’.”

5) “A Proven Recipe,” Pointe Classic, Hifi Piac

“Its musical character is relaxed and intimate, the saxophone and all other wind instruments are superb. This is a high-class sound that depicts an unbelievably full scale of emotions and moods. The strings are also magical, their sound is ear-catchingly appealing and smooth – the fans of both Vivaldi and Déki Lakatos [a famous gipsy band leader in Hungary] will rejoice.”

6) “Healthy Feeding,” Pointe Power Cord v1.0, v1.5, Power Supply S1506, Hifi Piac

“Focus is sharp like a knife, the details are impeccable, as if more and more music instruments had woken up from their dreams. A series of hidden “internal” tunes are conjured up. Music is clearer and its reproduction is more precise, and the whole sound is more pleasant and friendly. Everything is surprisingly swift, no sign of delay in the tempo; all the musicians play with perfect timing. Stability at higher volumes is also improved.”

7) “A Winning Formula,” Pointe Sima + Pointe Analogia, Hifi Piac

“Its piano is full of life, just like the singer who comes alive as the two are performing shoulder to shoulder. The more complex sound of chamber music also benefits from the details and the good positioning. The midrange is nice and clear, and the bass is rhythmic and three-dimensional.”

8) “Pointe, Pointe, Pointe”, Pointe Sima, Pointe Sima SE i Pointe Analogia, Sztereó

“The sound of the Pointe Sima is exceptionally transparent and clear, and it is open, informative and reasonably articulated, with all the details and authority needed. Dynamics is fine with a good measure of agility.”

9) “One for the Money, One for the Show,” Pointe Sima, Pointe Sima SE and Pointe Analogia, Sztereó

“It is the vivid midrange that captivates your attention right away. On jazz, both the piano and the vocals appear in a clear and open way, projecting some natural space around the performers. The sound in its entirety is precise and under control. The drums are fast, and the bass is nice and analytical – even if it is a bit lean towards the bottom end.”

10) Pointe TPC-120, Hifi Piac

“The piano […] sounds richer, its upper harmonics are more expressed, the instruments’ decay time is more realistic. The saxophone sound becomes more complex with an abundance of sonic nuances.  The soundstage is clearly bigger, especially in its depth, and the sound becomes independent from the physical place of the loudspeakers. Its balance is like in the most serious systems: the piano is three-dimensional, so it is easy to imagine a full-bodied piano in your room with your eyes closed.”

11) “Glorious Simplicity,” Pointe Exception, Hifi Piac

“Notwithstanding its merits more typical of some semiconductor amplifiers, the Exception is undeniably a tube amp. For one, no semiconductor amplifier can express so much emotions in music, no matter how excellent they are otherwise.”

12) “Like a Hard Working Little Bee,” Pointe Amplifica, Audioland

“[The Amplifica is] like an indiscernible little bee collecting the (musical) honey for us, which is invigorating, nutritious, rich in vitamins, and as such, contributes to our everyday well being in the most positive way.”

13) “RIAA, RIAA, Hungaria!”, Pointe Analogia Mk II, Sztereó

“The sound is more than pleasant, and the strings ooze a lot of authority. The lower end is a bit on the flat side (this might be the problem of the recording), but the bass is better defined – if not more extended – than the AVA’s. The air around the instruments is more spacious.”