Pointe has been designing and building tube amplifiers, AC power conditioners and other accessories since 1993, becoming one of the traditional manufacturers on the Central European audio market today.

Like so many brands in high-end audio, Pointe is the creature of one charismatic designer. Before establishing his own brand, Subotica-based music enthusiast Tibor Sindric had been engineering high-voltage appliances, mostly transformers, for one of Europe’s most traditional electric manufacturers, Sever, in Yugoslavia. (Please note that power and output transformers are probably the most specific parts in tube amplifiers.) He could not find an amplifier on the market to match his taste and musical expectations, so he designed one. The rest is already history.

The name itself and the brand concept – affordable, reliable, highly musical tube gear for the price-sensitive markets – was conceived by L’Auditeur, a high-end retailer in Budapest, Hungary. The entry level, yet refined Sima [’sheemah] integrated became an instant success, and was soon followed by more sophisticated, upmarket models. Today Pointe is serving music aficionados in Hungary, in the former Yugoslav countries, and elsewhere in Europe.



Pointe’s Catalog features tube amplifiers, AC power conditioners and power cords. Pointe also offers upgrade kits (mostly tube sets) to improve the sound of its earlier model amplifiers.

Sound quality

Pointe amplifiers and accessories cannot be purchased in the corner electronic store. They have always been offered by specialist retailers who were able to facilitate auditions and comparisons with similar products, even in the customer’s own home. This method has resulted in a decent number of satisfied Pointe owners. We believe this fact says it all about the sound quality of Pointe products.

Pointe products were also widely reviewed by the audio media – please click the Tests section to see what they found.

Engineering secrets

There are no esoteric engineering secrets behind Pointe products. The transformers, however, are exceptionally well made: they are custom designed and hand crafted in Subotica, and the housing is unusually robust and rigid. All the components in the audio path are carefully selected after thorough listening tests.

Made in Europe


The various components of Pointe amplifiers (transformers, PCB’s, housing etc) are manufactured by craftsmen partly in Vojvodina, Serbia, and partly in Hungary, benefiting from the comparative advantages in both countries. The final assembly is done in Serbia.


High-end audio first and foremost should be about recordings. Compared with similar quality equipment, Pointe products are priced to leave music enthusiasts more money in their pockets to buy music.

Trading-in earlier products

Pointe amplifiers have always been mature, series-produced devices with no improvised or haphazard technical solutions. All the parts and components are quality-tested before installation. We are proud of the sound of our vintage equipment, and we are confident in their quality. Therefore we are open to trade-ins: even the oldest (now 20 year old) items are welcome when you are buying new gear from us. Traded-in equipment undergo thorough technical testing, renovation (if necessary), and end up in the Special Offers section on the website.

Servicing, warranty


For our new equipment we offer regular warranty conditions: a 2-year full warranty (tubes: 3 months). Please call your dealer or refer to this website’s Contacts section for details…