Pointe Power Supply R1500


Ovaj sadržaj uskoro će biti preveden na srpski jezik.

The R1500 is the latest incarnation of the successful S1506 and S1508 models. Few people know that the power block with six or eight outlets was the Pointe product sold in the largest quantity (the last digit in the model number refers to the number of outlet sockets).

In Hungary, a rave newspaper review generated significant customer interest. In Serbia, local high-end shows featured a large number of these Pointe products in various exhibitors’ systems, and this is how they became famous.

The R1500 power blocks are not ordinary blocks from the corner hardware store. They sport a metal-oxide varistor that keeps the connected devices safe from voltage shock. A lightning hitting in the wrong place, and the R1500 already served its price.

A dual color red/green led shows the correct phase of the connectors, eliminating the need to use a voltage pen to determine where the phase is when replacing a device.

But the most important feature for an audiophile application is the sonic benefits this device has over ordinary „hardware store“ units. The sturdy mechanical construction, the high-quality, dust- and corrosion free sockets with extended grip, and the audiophile internal wiring make the R 1500  simply characteristically different.

The power block does not have an integrated lead cable. Instead, it sports a high-quality IEC-standard socket enabling you to choose your own mains cable.

Price: EUR 99 + VAT