Pointe Power Cord v3.0

The latest power cord design by Pointe. It is called the v3, which means that this is Pointe1s latest generation power cord. As standard, it comes in the length of 150 cm. We do not make shorter cords, because that would ruin the sound quality, but longer cords can be made on order – please contact your dealer.

The Power Cord v3.1 is different from the 3.0 version by the choice of connectors: the 3.1 is fitted with audio grade, gold-plated Sonarquest connectors.

Cables are sold following home demos, because their impact on overall sound is very dependent on the given audio components and the electric wiring of the music room. Contact your dealer who will arrange a home test session for you.

Price: EUR 89 + VAT for the v3.0, and EUR 129 + VAT for the v3.1 with Sonarquest connectors.

Test: Audiolife (October 2012. )