Pointe Delica (2013)

When the last unit of the „Sixty” model, the flagship of the Pointe range, was sold in early 2013, we decided not to put it back into production, but to start from scratch, and design a new top-of-the-range amplifier.

The goal was to create an immaculate high-end amplifier, with even more sonic finesse than the Sixty, with even better looks than the Sixty, and at a lower price than the Sixty.

This wishlist was realised with a hint of compromise: some of the special features of the Sixty had to say goodbye in order to achieve better sound for less money. One example is the manual bias adjustment system of the Sixty, which is now substituded with an automatic bias circuit. Another is the switchable triode/ultralinear mode, which was a great concept, but quite costly. But we believe the sound, the look and the price of the new flagship model all make up for the loss.

The Delica uses a set of 6550 power tubes (compatible with KT-88) in a push-pull configuration, with output power at 2 x 40 Watts.

The quality is high-end inside and out, with power tubes from Tung-Sol, NOS preamp tubes from Tungsram and Ei, point-to-point soldering in the audio path, and Japanese handcrafted electronic parts, such as Amtrans coupling capacitors and Takman carbon film resistors.

One traditional strong point of Pointe amplifiers is the transformer: the Delica is armed with three superior, custom made transformers. The power transformer is an oversized, low-induction toroid, while the output transformers are double-C core ones, with separate 4 and 8 ohm connector terminals. All the three transformers are under their own dedicated shielding enclosures, which is a new design element for upmarket Pointe amplifiers, and so is the elegant pearl black finish of the housing that reflects the glow of the eight tubes in the dimmed music room…

Features are restrained: the only buttons are for power, volume and source (with four line inputs), but all the functions are remote controlled. The remote control also enables Mute and Standby.

The remote control is a programmable one that controls not only the Delica, but, through its learning function, can be paired with any other device, and thus eliminates the need of keeping an array of remotes at hand when listening to music or watching films. (What’s more, it can be paired with even the air condition system or remote controlled lighting systems.)


Nominal Power Output: 2 x 40 W. Frequency Response: 6 Hz – 60 kHz. Input Impedance: 50 kOhm. Output Impedance: 4 or 8 Ohm. Input Voltage: 500 mV. Sign-to-Noise Ratio: 86 dB. Tube Set: 4 x 6550, 2 x ECC83, 2 x ECC85. Dimensions: 380 x 400 x 190 mm. Weight: 20 kg.

Price: EUR 2,500 + VAT