Pointe Analogia Mk 5 (2014)


In the family tree of the Analogia-series of phono amplifiers, the Mk5  is very closely related to its predecessor, the Mk 4. The biggest difference is in the housing. The Mk 5 came into being because of the Pointe Sima 20 integrated which was so strikingly different in looks from earlier designs that we just needed a phono preamp to match its new stlye.

The housing of the Analogia Mk5 is manufactured in the same workshop as the Sima 20, from the same materials and with the same technology. The complete housing, and not only the faceplate, is made of aluminum. This is a relatively costly solution, but aluminum, a low-resonance, non-magnetic material has a positive impact on the overall sound. The fascia is a finely brushed aluminum plate with 3D engravings.


A change compared with the Mk 4 is that the power switch has moved from the front panel to the backside, which makes the looks more elegant and sleek – at the price of a small inconvenience. The warm white led that indicates that the unit is powered on also comes from the Sima 20. Different colors are optional to match the light pattern of other existing units.

The circuit design of the Mk5 is actually very similar to the Mk 4. The signal path now sports the Japanese NIC capacitors, which were selected following extended listening sessions by Tibor.

The tube set is the same NOS Tesla, as in the Mk 4: the original “Czechoslovak” Tesla’s are still some of the world’s finest sounding E88C tubes.


Input Impedance: 47 kOhm, Tube set: E88CC x 3, EZ80 x 1, Dimensions: 270 x 120 x 315 mm, Weight: 4.5 kgs.

Price: EUR 650 + VAT