Pointe 288 (2010)

Pointe SE288

The 288 was a 2 x 40W remote controlled integrated stereo amplifier, and the big brother of the 672. The number code is yet again a mathematical combination. The amp uses 4 pieces of 6L6 power tubes per channel, and the result of 2 x 4 x 6 x 6 is 288. Got it?

While they share the same housing, the 288 was actually a more expensive amplifier. The difference in the tube section in itself mandated for the higher price, but also the passive parts were more sophisticated: the input selector relay is a Takamisawa, and the audio path is richly sprinkled with fine, audio grade components, such as Beyschlag metal film resistors, and capacitors by NIC and Roederstein, all point-to-point soldered.

The 288 got a rave review in Serbia’s distinguished Hi-Files Magazine, and existing stocks were sold out in record time. Unfortunately, due to resourcing problems, both the 672 and the 288 had to be discontinued by 2012. The gap between the entry level Amplifica and the top-of-the-range Delica was bridged only in 2013, with the arrival of the new Sima 20.


Hi-Files, May 2011.