Pointe TPC 1200

Pointe TPC 1200 leválasztó trafó

A power conditioner is an essential audio product for many. Just stay up late one night, and listen to how your music sounds after, say, midnight. If the sound is cleaner and smoother, with less distortion and more dynamics, chances are that the most effective tweak to your system is to install a power conditioner.

The current coming from your mains socket is changing in quality. Many have experienced that during the day the current is rather bad, in the late afternoon and early evening it is just horrible, but after 10 p.m it gets better, and after midnight it’s actually quite fine – until 5 a.m when the city is waking up, and the whole cycle starts again.

There are some locations, where the quality of the current is worse than in other locations. Typically, densely populated urban areas, or locations in the vicinity of industrial zones are like this.

If you listen to music in the late afternoon or early evening hours in a location where the current is problematic, a TPC1200 Power Conditioner is a musthave. If you are among the lucky ones who listens to music where the current is fine and/or prefer the late night hours for audio fun anyway, you will experience less sonic improvement by a power conditioner.

The Pointe TPC1200 is a passive device. The elegant silver case houses two identical 1:1 transformers. These are Pointe’s custom made transformers, wound in a special way, with damping material between the primary and secondary coils. The transformers are built inside a heavy duty, rigid and vibration-free housing. The device has audio grade connectors on the back side. There are no active electronic parts whatsoever in the design.

The name of the device shows that it is intended for audio-video systems with a combined consumption of maximum 1,200 Watts. It means that even high power amplifiers and video projection systems can be connected to it simultaneously.

Listening tests prove the positive effects the TPC 1200 can bring to the sound of even relatively simple systems.

Those who connect video appliances (e.g. DVD-players, TV-sets, projection systems, etc) can expect to see an improvement in video quality as well.

Price: EUR 350 + VAT

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